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Mysql cluster management server

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Defining an NDB Cluster Management Server. The [ndb_mgmd] section is used to configure the behavior of the management server. If multiple. MySQL Cluster Manager simplifies the creation and management of the MySQL It can detect if a process or server host is alive, dead or has hung, allowing for. The MySQL Cluster Manager client also supports commands for getting and setting the values of most node configuration parameters as well as mysqld server.

The following table includes options that are specific to the NDB Cluster management server program ndb_mgmd. Additional descriptions follow the table . For detailed descriptions and other additional information about each of these parameters, see Section , “Defining an NDB Cluster Management Server”. The management client accesses the management server using a C API.

Advanced users can also employ this API for programming dedicated management. In the following example, is the host where the management server resides, and the management server listens for cluster messages on. An example of a simple configuration file for a cluster consisting of one management server, two data nodes and two MySQL servers is shown here.

See Installing MySQL NDB Cluster Using the Yum Repository, for instructions and management-server, The NDB Cluster management server (ndb_mgmd).

The management server manages the cluster configuration file and the cluster log. Each node in the cluster retrieves the configuration data from the.


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